Welcome to Local Bank!

Our goal is to be an outstanding community bank!

We are pleased to announce that The Peoples Bank of Red Level has become Local Bank. Our new name reflects our history and continued focus on our local communities. As the bank begins this new chapter, we renew our commitment to keeping customers first – a philosophy that began with the founders of The Peoples Bank of Red Level in 1914.

With this announcement, we’d like to answer the questions that you might have about this change:

  • Yes, our location on Main Street in Red Level will remain open, with the same local people and contact information.
  • Yes, your account numbers will stay the same.
  • Yes, you can continue to use the same checks and deposit slips you have on hand.
  • Yes, you can continue to use the debit card you have on hand.
  • Yes, our website address is still the same, and you can continue to use the online banking system there, but you will see some changes in the next few months.

As Local Bank builds for the future, we will continue to cultivate lifelong relationships and invest in our communities. By early next year, we will have locations in both Covington and Tuscaloosa Counties. We look forward to serving those and other communities across Alabama.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to your local branch.

Best regards,
Scott Christoff
President & CEO

In order to safeguard debit/credit card accounts against fraudulent activity, we have placed a limit on credit transactions.  If your debit card is declined by the merchant when your purchase is run as a credit transaction, please conduct your transaction as a debit transaction using your PIN number.